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A skin nourishing blend of safflower oil, rich in antioxidants to gently soften and soothe the skin. Jojoba oil, the perfect natural skin conditioner and vitamin E are blended to create this beautiful body oil. Gently infused with essential oils to delicately scent your skin and support your overall wellbeing.


Beautiful fragrant, Frangipani known for its mind boosting and calming properties. Often used in perfumery for its exquisite scent. Blended with uplifting lemon to soothe anxiety and lift the spirits.


Contains Frangipani and Lemon essential oils


No Synthetic Colour or Fragrance

No Parabens

No Sulphates

No Phthalates

No Mineral Oils

Fragrant Paradise Body Oil

  • Safflower Oil [Carthamus Tinctorius], Ecosilk [Isoamyl Laurate], Apricot Kernel Oil [Prunus Armeniaca], Sunflower Seed Oil [Helianthus Annus], Frangipani [Pulmeria Acutifolia Flower Oil], Lemon [Citrus Limon Peel Oil], Vit E [Tocopherol]

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