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Travel friendly, roll on essential oil blends in a skin nourishing almond oil base, infused with essential oils to help support your wellbeing. Roll on pulse points, whenever needed or use to support mindfulness or meditation practice. Perfect to use before bedtime to promote restful sleep.


Elevate your mood with Radiant Bliss, blended with May Chang, a wonderfully, calming, feel good oil to brighten your mood and help boost your energy. Mood boosting lemon and fragrant Ylang Ylang soothe your emotions, helping to return you to a happy state of calm and positivity.


Contains May Chang, Ylang Ylang and Lemon essential oils.


No Synthetic Colour or Fragrance

No Parabens

No Sulphates

No Phthalates

No Mineral Oils

Radiant Bliss Aroma Ball

  • Roll on pulse points at the temples, neck and back of ears. Can also be applied to wrists.

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