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Self Care Rituals


                         Bathing Rituals

 The rich history of ancient bathing rituals gives us an insight into the therapeutic  benefits of bathing to help soothe the mind and body. The holistic benefits of immersing  ourselves into water is something our ancestors understood well. 


 Ancient Ayurvedic texts speak of royal baths with rose petals, milk, honey and turmeric.  The rich heritage of floral bathing can be traced back to ancient Egypt where oils, flowers and aromatic herbs turned bathwater into a sensual luxury. Legend has it that Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, bathed daily in milk laced with honey and rose oil.

 Around the world, from the Onsen in Japan to the Turkish Hammam, every culture has  developed their own therapeutic bathing rituals to help soothe tired muscles and calm the mind. In today's fast paced world, practicing bathing rituals from the comfort of your home is an important part of an holistic approach to your wellbeing. Our products  provide the perfect opportunity for you to incorporate these simple self care rituals into  your daily lives.

 What is an aromatherapy bathing ritual?

 Simply turning showering or bathing into a ritual. You can ritualise daily bathing and aromatherapy is a powerful tool for self care. After cleansing your body in the shower gently massage our bath and shower oil into your body, allowing the warm flowing water to release the aroma of the essential oils, while the botanical oils leave your skin beautifully soft and supple.


Alternatively,  run a warm bath using one of our aromatherapy bath salts or bath and shower oils. Take some time out, turn the lights down, focus on the therapeutic  aromatherapy scents and the sensations and warmth you feel from the water. You can  practice some gentle breathing, listen to some relaxing sounds, read a book or simply  spend your time contemplating.


After bathing, gently pat your skin dry and apply our skin nourishing body oil or body butter to damp skin.

Bathing Tips

The ideal bath temperature is around 37-30 degrees, your bath water should feel warm and soothing without being too hot or cold. Hot water strips away the skins natural oils.

You should aim to bathe for up to 25 minutes, otherwise your bath could be dehydrating and you risk drying out or irritating your skin.

After bathing you should gently pat yourself dry and apply body oil or butter to slightly damp skin for maximum benefit.

Rehydrate after a bath with a glass of water.

                                                 Self Care Rituals

We spend a lot of our day with several thoughts racing through our heads and are  constantly moving from one task to the next. When we get caught up in the fast pace of  our world, we lose connection with one another and ourselves. Finding peace in a chaotic  world, is taking time out to stop, relax and take a breath to quieten your mind to help boost your wellbeing.

 Whether you take time out for a self care ritual, practice meditation or breath work to quieten your mind, do a restorative yoga practice, or simply take a walk in nature, finding moments of  inner peace is essential for our wellbeing.

Meditation and breath work can be a useful tool to help you slow down racing thoughts and focus on the bigger picture. Regularly sitting down for ten minutes of focussed concentration can make it easier to deal with stress and anxiety.






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